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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Set Up

A large conference or meeting with an international dimension will often require simultaneous interpretation, in which an interpreter in a sound-insulated booth listens to the speaker through headphones and speaks the translation into a microphone at roughly the same pace as the speaker. The translated words spoken by the interpreter are then transmitted to other attendees through headsets.

Our simultaneous translation service is able to handle the full range of needs related to simultaneous interpretation, including the provision of trained and carefully selected interpreters, as well as all the specialist equipment required.

Here’s what we bring to you:

  • Carefully selected professional world-class interpreters working into and out of over 130 languages
  • The very latest cutting edge interpreting and translation equipment and hardware: booths, FM receivers, infrared devices, digital discussion network systems, transmitters, push-to-talk microphones and more
  • Professional sound technicians that specialise in audio equipment with years of experience in high-level conference environments
  • Competitive prices – among the best in the industry

We will set up your meeting or conference with our state-of-the-art interpreting equipment

As one of the most highly regarded simultaneous interpreting companies around, we have years of experience setting up conferences and meetings in high-level environments – and what’s more we’ll stay there for the duration of the conference or meeting to make sure everything goes smoothly if you want us to. We are happy to supply you with interpreting equipment and accessories, and give you the relevant technical support. If you’re not sure what you need, get in touch!

When you are staging a conference or meeting with an international dimension that involves simultaneous interpretation, you simply can’t afford for anything to go wrong. Luckily for you we know what we’re doing, and we’ll set up the equipment in such a way as to minimise the chances of glitches, embarrassing technical failures or slip-ups. You get on with running your business, and leave the simultaneous interpretation side of it to us!

We understand that different kinds of venues require different kinds of set-ups, configurations and resources, so we’ll discuss your requirements with you: large-scale conference or meeting venue might need to have digital interpreting equipment with wireless headsets, fixed or mobile microphones, sound mixers or other high-tech audio equipment. A smaller venue or a mobile venue might, however, be better suited to more portable equipment, making it more cost-effective.

We are happy to talk through the options available, and we are able to supply and handle a wide range of interpreting equipment including booths for larger scale venues, mobile transmitters with microphones, FM radio receivers, digital discussion systems, analogue infrared and digital infrared devices, push-to-talk microphones and all the other equipment and accessories that go into making the event a success. Our expert staff will discuss your needs in detail and advise you of the optimum configuration, devices and level of technical support.

Making sure that you get top quality simultaneous interpreters at your meetings

You’d think it would be easy to source a good conference interpreter without breaking the bank, but that’s not necessarily so! We can tap into our extensive network of language service providers – including simultaneous interpreters – and we are one of the few simultaneous interpretation services with such a high level of expertise in the industry. So if you’re looking for someone to meet the specific needs of your business rather than a shoddy, one-size-fits-all provider then you’ve come to the right place!

We know the business, and we’ll provide a service that’s tailored to your needs, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, whether it’s a small gathering or a large-scale international conference. We are the top specialists in delivering the very best simultaneous interpretation service at a competitive price.

Competitive, comprehensive and complete: our simultaneous interpretation services will simply delight you! We deliver cutting edge simultaneous interpretation equipment, experienced and helpful technical staff and expertly translated documents for attendees. We are happy to provide our services wherever your event is being held, in India or abroad. Give us a call, and make your event a success!

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