Silent Conference and Equipment Set Up India

Silent Conference System

Our exclusive Silent Conference System is a carefully designed audio system that is perfect for corporate events, parties or meetings. Our wireless headphone system will handle multiple speakers, meaning that you get a cost-effective service for your venue that saves you both time and money.

The Silent Conference system is a great way of staging an event that involves more than one speaker at the same time in the same place without anybody disrupting anybody’s else’s experience.

It means that you can run as many groups as you like in one single room, rather than having to arrange the different groups into different rooms. You allocate each speaker to a different area, and then we provide the microphones and assign a separate unique channel for each speaker. It’s incredibly user-friendly and it’s efficient, cost-effective and straightforward.

We provide experienced technical staff who will oversee the set-up of the Silent Conference, and we will make sure that someone is there for the entire duration of your meeting in the unlikely event that there are any glitches or problems, so that they get fixed quickly. We can also access our comprehensive range of cutting edge interpreting equipment and related accessories and devices, so whatever your particular needs, we’ll meet them!

Silent Disco Equipment

Silent Discos: the best of both worlds! Make your event or party a truly unique, fun one and turn it into a Silent Disco! We have literally thousands of high quality headphones that we can supply to you, so we can handle a Silent Disco event from two to two thousand (and more!).

The way a Silent Disco works is that music is transmitted through radio transmitters to headphones (wireless, of course – you don’t want anything to get in the way of your dance moves!). So there is no traditional speaker system blaring out loud music, and participants can dance the night away!

Our many delighted customers come back to us time and time again because they know we provide a top-quality service at competitive prices!

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