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All Translation Services has transcription specialists who are well-trained and highly experienced in dealing with interview transcriptions for both local and international clients!

Interviews are a form of dialogue, wherein the interviewer asks questions that help gain information about certain topics. As such, they have long been an integral part of human interaction. You probably use informal interviews every day when meeting and getting to know someone new, or when you want to get information from someone.

Aside from conversational interviews, however, there are also more formal and direct interviews with a more specific purpose. In most cases, that purpose is to get a better idea of the topic at hand or the thoughts and personality of the interviewee. No matter what the purpose or direction, it remains true that interviews are a powerful source of information that can be used to preserve and spread knowledge and experience.

All Translation Services offers top-notch interview transcriptions!

We have well-trained interview transcribers, so we can guarantee that we have experts to handle interview transcription services. This means that we can transcribe recorded interviews of practically any kind, from educational or commercial to political or even philosophical interviews. Our interview transcription agency pays careful attention to details to ensure that your interviews are transcribed with the utmost care for accuracy, precision, and quality.

We offer the best solutions for your interview transcription needs so you can concentrate on making more business. Why go to transcription service providers that offer sub-standard results that aren’t worth every dime?

Let our interview transcriptionists handle all of your interview transcription service needs, and we will give you the high-quality results you deserve–delivered fast and on time.

The need for interview transcriptions

Interview transcription is essential for documenting and sharing information. It is through transcription that we have been able to preserve large posits of knowledge as divulged in the interviews that have been documented throughout history.

Today, interviews are not only used for their educational value, but they are also used in numerous industries and institutions, including university research projects, market research companies, law, employment, journalism and broadcasting, and the news. It is primarily through interview transcription that we are able to archive such information, communicate them with others, and spread the knowledge and influence of the interview.

Importance of interview transcriptions

Another excellent way of sharing interview information is to transcribe it into different languages to be shared with other people from different nations. Take for instance the countless political interviews with US President Barrack Obama all throughout the campaign period and now that he is in Office. These interviews have been about various topics such as his personal life, political beliefs, moral and ethical values, and worldwide policies.

Transcribing these important interviews for other nations to understand is essential in promoting worldwide awareness. Likewise, interview transcription is also crucial for many companies, organizations, and institutions looking to internationalize or localize for specific regions.

Whatever you need, we offer accurate and high quality interview transcriptions, no more, no less!

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