Certified Sworn Translation Services

Certified translations that are approved, valid and legally binding

A certified translation service is a service that delivers a legal document translation that has been fully and accurately translated, and is legally binding. This means that the translation is as valid as the original legal document. The courts and legal institutions of different countries work to different formats and protocols, so a certified legal translation means that the document is produced working to the layout and format that is widely accepted in the country where it is being used.

Certified translation services are commonly used as part of court and legal proceedings as well as in governmental offices. They are often seen as part of a transaction – public or private – and will be used in contracts and agreements, for example. Certified translation services would be required, for example, in the case of birth or death certificates, school certificates, affidavits, marriage certificates, legal contracts, passports, company registration certificates, visa documentation, letters of attorney and formal decisions and judgements handed down by a court.

We can deliver an expert, specialised certified translation services!

Our hand-picked team of expert sworn translators are highly experienced, and they work with us to bring you the very best certified translations services so that you can be confident that you’re getting the very best certified translation service. Our professional translators know just how important it is for a translated document to be accurate and to be delivered in a timely fashion. They also understand the impact of a properly translated document, and how much your business might depend on it. Here at All Translation Services we go to considerable lengths to make sure that the strictest and most rigorous standards are applied all the time, every time.

Our carefully selected sworn translators deliver an efficient, accurate and carefully checked certified translation services for every one of your legal documents. Our very extensive network of legal expertise ensures that we can access up to 130 languages for you – including German, Italian, Arabic and Finnish (to name just a few!). Whatever you need and whatever document you have, we understand just how important it is for your business to have an impeccable translation.

Finding a professional, competent certified translation service provider in India is not always easy – but look no further: you’ve come to the right place! We will take the headache out of your certified translation needs, just leave it to us! Don’t waste money on sub-standard work – come to the very best at All Translation Services and enjoy total peace of mind. We’ll deliver an outstanding certified translation service quickly and efficiently.

Here at All Translation Service we provide highly skilled translation experts, a customisable service and accurate sworn translations!

We have the perfect solution for your certified sworn translation needs. We will work around your needs, and we can draw on our comprehensive and very extensive network of translators to provide you with a tailored solution so that all of your requirements are catered for, and all of your expectations are exceeded!

We will ensure that the message you send out is consistent across every language, and that the translation is clear, precise and unambiguous – we have the expertise and the detailed knowledge to make sure that exactly the right wording is used – every time, all the time!

Don’t bother with sloppy, third-rate certified translation service providers that delivery shoddy and inaccurate translations! Go straight to the experts and get it right: here at All Translation Services we have absolutely no hesitation in guaranteeing the very best certified translation services, delivering documents that are accurate, precise and carefully checked – all at a very reasonable price.

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